Neighbourhoods and Communities

EHSL believes that its tenants have a right to actively participate in their local community, and to be involved in decisions affecting their local area.


EHSL is committed to working with its partners and other local agencies to promote social, environmental and economic wellbeing in the areas that it offers accommodation.


This includes the promotion of services such as charitable furniture depositories, money advice, and alcohol and drug misuse prevention schemes, alongside other social enterprises. It can also include engagement with local authority homelessness and anti-social behaviour teams.


EHSL is responsible for maintaining the grounds and communal areas of the sites that it operates, and engages appropriate service providers in order to meet this obligation. The provision of these services is intended to ensure that EHSL’s accommodation is attractive, well maintained and that it doesn’t cause detriment to the local area.


EHSL is aware that tenants may not always comply with the terms of their tenancy agreement, and alongside its tenancy sustainment offer, has an anti-social behaviour policy to guide its management of anti-social behaviour from both its tenants and other members of the public.

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