Paying your Rent

Paying your Rent

You are responsible for paying your rent and service charges to EHSL, whether this is via Housing Benefit or from other funds. Non-payment of rent and/or service charges is a breach of tenancy and if not resolved can result in the loss of your home. A reference should be given for any payments into EHSL’s bank account, so we can quickly allocate the payment to you.

Please refer to your license agreement or tenancy agreement, your rent breakdown, or the front page of your rent statement. You can also view your tenancy documents and current rent statement using the Arthur App and Online Service portal.

Please send an email to and we will set you up. Please note that you cannot use the same email address as somebody else, such as a generic service email address, as each tenancy account requires a unique email.

Once you are set-up, you can access the portal through this link.

Housing Benefit payments are not usually aligned with your rent due date because local authorities pay everybody’s housing benefit on the same day. This means that you may have some rent arrears whilst you wait for the next housing benefit payment, or you may have a small credit on your account, which is Housing Benefit that has been paid in advance of the due date.

You may have rent arrears because your housing benefit award does not cover all of your rent. This may happen because you have savings or other income that causes your entitlement to be reduced. It may also happen because some rent elements are not eligible for payment via Housing Benefit. This means that they must be paid from other funds.

Tenants are responsible for payment of all rent charges, whether they are covered by Housing Benefit or not.

Please send payment to:

Account Name: EHSL
Bank: HSBC
Sort Code: 40-38-04
Account Number: 74823729

You can also set up a standing order with your bank, which is an instruction to make a regular payment to EHSL. Please contact us if you would like a standing order form. You may be able to do this using online banking if your bank provides you with this service. Your standing order should be set up to pay every 4 weeks, as a monthly statement will result in rent being paid later and later each time, which will result in rent arrears.

You can also make a one-off payment using our payment portal.

Your local council will write to you each time it changes your Housing Benefit award. EHSL is also notified. Please contact your housing officer to discuss.

Yes, we are happy to discuss reasonable payment plans to assist our tenants to manage any rent arrears and sustain their tenancy. Please contact your housing officer.

Please speak to your housing officer.

EHSL will write to you in advance of the increase to let you know the new charge and when it applies from.

Yes, providing we have your consent, or they have been appointed by the Court of Protection as a legal deputy. Please ask them to contact EHSL.

You can email, call us on 0300 200 4100, or send a message using the app

Your rent may have been increased by EHSL providing you with a rent increase letter setting out the date your rent will change and the new amount.


In this case, we would not issue you with a new tenancy or licence agreement.

In 2023, EHSL integrated its payment services with Stripe. This enables one-off card payments to be made via Stripe’s payment portal.

You can access the portal here