Care Providers

Partnership working with Care Providers

EHSL works with care providers to process referrals from adult social care departments within local authorities.  Referrals are often made for care, support, and accommodation, and in these cases, the provider must either refer the prospective service user to a vacancy in existing supported accommodation, or work with a housing provider in order to offer suitable housing. The success of care providers often depends on their ability to offer accommodation as part of the overall service.


Since forming in 2012, EHSL’s work has included sourcing and adapting property to meet the housing needs of people who are not adequately served by other areas of the market, securing properties to meet local strategic priorities and working with care home operators on de-registration and housing separation projects.


In practice, this means securing bungalows, flats and houses for people who are unable to access the private rented sector, working closely with care providers to set up services in areas where there is an undersupply of suitable supported accommodation, and working with providers who operate care homes that are considered to be suitable for de-registration to supported living. In some cases we have also worked with care home operators who have re-configured former care homes so that multiple self-contained flats can be created alongside communal facilities and staff areas, to be run as supported living.


EHSL’s expertise is in finding the most suitable manner to meet local and individual need, and then delivering accommodation which enables that need to be met.


Roles and responsibilities

To ensure that all relevant management activities are covered, a service level agreement will be entered into setting out the role of each party, the level of information sharing required, financial obligations including void cover, and details of how the agreement might be ended. The Service Level agreement is the backbone of the relationship between the two providers, ensuring that the obligations of both parties are recorded clearly. 

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