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EHSL’s tenants can access a number of services provided by EHSL. This section contains information about your tenancy agreement, the services offered by EHSL, and other useful information.

Pay Rent

You are responsible for paying your rent and service charges to EHSL, whether this is via Housing Benefit or via other funds. This section contains information about how to pay your rent to EHSL.

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Report a Repair

EHSL is responsible for ensuring your property is safe and well maintained. This section explains how to report repairs and how EHSL will assist you with property related matters

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Useful Information

Other information about your EHSL tenancy can be found here, including what your rights and responsibilities are, what EHSL does, and how we can help you.

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Housing Management

EHSL provides its tenants with housing related advice, services and support which goes beyond the services provided by an ordinary landlord.

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EHSL’s downloads section contains documents, policies, reports and forms.