Registered Housing Associations

Specialised Supported Housing management services.

EHSL offers services to Registered Housing Associations to enable them to effectively manage their Specialised Supported Housing stock. Services include tenancy sign-ups, property sourcing, rent setting, rent collection, management of repairs, communal services and safety certification, liaison with care providers and stakeholders, inspections, provision of bespoke easy-read materials, 24/7 contact centre services, Intensive Housing Management and other associated services as required.


Whether you want us to handle a single project for a transitionary period, or manage a larger portfolio on an ongoing basis, we have the skills and experience to help.

How can we help you?

With an office located in the Thames Valley, EHSL is within easy reach of London, the South East, and the centre of England, making it cost effective to outsource housing management in these areas to EHSL.

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How is it paid for?

EHSL’s housing management services are eligible for payment via Housing Benefit where this is agreed with the housing benefit department and there is no duplication of the services included in the care package. Therefore, the housing provider is able to achieve full cost recovery via the rents charged. Additional services provided within the scope of Intensive Housing Management (such as repairs and maintenance or safety certification) can be paid for by recharge or paid directly to the supplier.

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