Case studies

Leasing your property to EHSL

A property owner in London wished to step back from the ongoing management of his property, He placed the property with a local letting agent, advertising that he was willing to talk to HMO operators. EHSL worked with the local authority to create a new provision for 4 people who were moving from another scheme that was closing down.


EHSL required a property for 4 people who had lived together elsewhere in Barnet but needed a new home due to the closure of the scheme they lived at. The requirement was for a property with 4 double bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms, and communal space. There were very few properties available on the market, partly due to the additional HMO licensing scheme introduced by the borough, along with an Article 4 Direction requiring planning permission for conversion from a C3 dwelling house to a C4 HMO. Many landlords did not want to undertake the process of obtaining planning permission and a license for a house in multiple occupation, preferring to let to a family instead.

EHSL approached a letting agent in Golders Green which had advertised a 5-bedroom house. The property was viewed and deemed to be of a suitable size and with the right facilities, but required work to comply with fire safety requirements. Advice was sought around the change of use and it was established that the proposed use under Class C3(b) fell within permitted development – something that was confirmed by the planning department at the local authority. EHSL secured a 3-year lease at a rent aligned with the market for this type of property, making the property available and adapting it for the 4 people referred.  An application for a license for a House in Multiple Occupation was made and approved, with adaptations also made to the property to comply with fire safety requirements. The rent level required was discussed with the local authority and subsequently approved for payment via Housing Benefit.

Where there is demand for shared housing, EHSL can provide the same service elsewhere. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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