Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit (HB) is a welfare benefit administered by lower tier and single tier authorities, and is designed to help people to meet their housing costs. EHSL can help you apply for housing benefit to pay for part, or all of your rent. The amount of Housing Benefit you are eligible to receive can vary, depending upon your income, savings and other circumstances.


Housing Benefit payments will cover rent and other property related charges but will not cover heating, hot water, energy or support costs. This means that there may be some elements that you will have to pay for yourself. We may refer to these as service charges, or rent contributions.


If you wish for assistance to claim Housing Benefit, please call EHSL on 0300 200 4100, or complete the form below.  Please remember that regardless of the decision on your HB claim, you are responsible for paying your rent to EHSL, in full and when it is due.


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