About EHSL's application to become a registered provider of social housing.

In 2016 EHSL made the decision to apply to the Regulator of Social Housing to become a Registered Provider of Social Housing, under the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008. Following the decision to seek registration, EHSL has sought to develop its service specifically to meet all requirements of the regulatory standards, and demonstrate compliance with all areas of the regulatory framework in order that registration can be achieved. This has meant changes to the following:

  • The number of non-executive directors on EHSL’s board, and the frequency of meetings.
  • How we identify and manage risk.
  • How we plan for the future.
  • The level of communication we have with local authorities and the types of information we share.
  • The number and quality of policies we have.
  • How EHSL monitors health and safety.
  • The amount and types of legal and professional advice we access.
  • How we monitor whether our services offer value for money.
  • Improvements to our accounting systems.

EHSL’s decision to seek registration was made around the time that a number of registered providers of social housing offering specialised supported housing experienced rapid growth as a result of the introduction of private capital and changes to the operating environment, compounding a number of inherent risks faced in the provision of this type of supported housing. ┬áThis has resulted in increased regulatory oversight including a number of regulatory judgements of providers that offer similar services to those offered by EHSL, and a revised risk profile being published. EHSL welcomes the regulator’s scrutiny of this area of the sector and of EHSL’s application to become a registered provider.


EHSL believes that registration will bring benefits in the form of regulatory oversight, access to funding, increased profile, and protections for EHSL’s tenants that are associated with having a landlord that operates within a regulated sector. This will ultimately lead to EHSL being a better equipped organisation that can effectively deliver its aims to a larger number of beneficiaries.


For the avoidance of doubt, EHSL is not currently a Registered Provider of Social Housing. EHSL will issue a statement in the event that EHSL’s registration application is successful.


(September 2019)